Juice Tip of the Day, Cabbage!  Did you know cabbage increases the body's antioxidant defenses?  Cabbage has more phytochemicals with anticancer properties than any other vegetable.  The higher the intake of raw cabbage juice the lower the rate of cancer, particularly prostate, colon, lung and breast cancer.  

Recently, I restarted what was once a daily routine, running. When I lived in Philadelphia running was an integral component of my lifestyle. Every morning I would wake up to run the Benjamin Franklin Bridge from Philadelphia to Camden, NJ and back, a total of three miles, 1.5 miles going and 1.5 miles returning. As I started out, my intent always was to conquer the bridge. For me, the bridge represented the obstacles I faced within my personal life. If I could run the Ben Franklin Bridge steadily without stopping than my navigation through life’s challenges would become easier. This bridge helped to build and mold the strength of my character and the endurance of my body READ MORE

The wonders of the universe, nature provides us with the food we need to nurture and heal our bodies. People of all ages have been effected with a burning sensation in their chest, the indicator of heart burn, acid reflex. It's extremely common. I have suffered from heart burn and acid reflux since I was a little girl. The discomfort for me was enormous until I discovered the power to finding relief and comfort was located in my refrigerator.  My great home remedy for combatting heartburn and acid reflux discomfort is lemon. Heartburn is caused by stomach acids rising into the esophagus. When we take in this highly beneficial food it becomes alkaline, the alkalizing effects inside the human body relieves the discomfort associated with acid reflux.

The nutritional benefits, lemon is an excellent source of vitamin C, B6, potassium, folic acid, flavonoids and the outstanding  phytochemical limonene.  If you're looking for a natural remedy to rid yourself of the discomfort, my home remedy is a good way of getting over heartburn and acid reflux.

Cut your lemon in quarters or halves, you decide. I use a half lemon in a 10oz glass of water to relieve heartburn. You should experience relief if one glass of lemon water is not enough, continue to drink more lemon water and suck on a lemon. You will experience relief from the symptoms as you alkaline your body.

I received a tweet from someone who said, “That’s all we sometimes have is honor” and I responded with the following tweet “Honor is all we have.”  His response, “True babe”.  I assumed he felt my vibe, which was nice.  As I wondered to myself, the question emerges,” Do people truly subscribe to this belief when they reflect on themselves?”  How often do we really honor ourselves by respecting our inner light, inner voice? Read more

In the beginning there was the whole orange or freshly prepared orange juice, unprocessed loaded with nutrients.  Nutrients are classified as providing the necessary nourishment for body function.  Then the orange juice evolved into refined processed unsweetened orange juice to highly refined, highly processed, sweetened, artificially colored and flavor orange drink.  Wow that's alot a junk disguised as something nutritious.

Today, we have evolved into wholesomeness, reverting back to the beginning with raw, freshly made orange juice, everyone loves it!

The power of affirmations can transform your life.  Words can increase a negative and positive reaction from within.  When you repetitively affirm a thought, you believe the thought, you feel the thought and then you become what you re-affirm.  Knowing your power to nurture and heal your body when fighting cancer is a positive step towards healing.  Positive affirmation is one of the tools I used when fighting my breast cancer.  "My light radiates," is an affirmation I used to remind myself of the power that exist within me.  Each day, I would direct the energy of light directly at my cancer cells and with positive energy I focused my intentional light at zapping the cancer.  Loving, positive affirmations will help to strengthen the body, causing you to feel more powerful.  ~~Sonia

Why Raw Juice?  Simply stated, for the many nutrients trapped in the fiber of vegetables, fruit and herbs.  Fiber has its purpose in cleansing the colon by acting as a sweeper, sweeping the intestinal area. When you eat whole foods, the nutrients absorb into the body and the indigestible fiber acts as a cleanser by helping to move waste through the colon.....