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October 14, 2014 0 Comments

I received a tweet from someone who said, “That’s all we sometimes have is honor” and I responded with the following tweet “Honor is all we have.”  His response, “True babe”.  I assumed he felt my vibe, which was nice.  As I wondered to myself, the question emerges,” Do people truly subscribe to this belief when they reflect on themselves?”  How often do we really honor ourselves by respecting our inner light, inner voice?

The word honor defined as high respect, esteem; honesty, fairness, or integrity in one's beliefs and actions; superior standing; a showing of respect; distinction; personal integrity.

So here is where I reflect on a juice fast which is sometimes termed a juice cleanse or a juice detox.  I believe a juice fast is not an intense moment within a person’s life, where you feel compelled to detox perfectly.  Detoxifying does not involve intensity instead; it is about relaxing and honoring yourself by honoring your body. When you decide to undergo a raw juice fast, detox, you are saying, today is about my body and how I will pay homage and respect to the temple in which my spirit resides.  I like to say the raw juice process is about cleansing your body and nurturing all that exists inside of you; this is an honor to self.  Raw juice fasting is about consciously taking responsibility for the food we consume and being intentional about the usage of the food.  I purposely consume green vegetable juice, beet juice and other vegetable juices to oxygenate my blood, to cleanse my colon, liver and kidney and to clarify my skin as well as enhance my hair and nails. 

We live in a society that places emphasis on the external appearance.  What has often been the missing link to this concept of thinking is the truth, the truth is we radiate what we consume.  If you are consuming a diet of unhealthy foods, processed foods, lots of sugar, bread, plenty of flour and meat you will feel and reflect your food consumption.  Just as you will reflect a diet consisting of healthy wholesome foods to include plenty of vegetables, fruit, healing herbs, legumes and the omegas.  This particular diet will yield vibrancy and energy. 

When I am on a raw juice fast, this is my moment to honor and nurture my body, a pivotal moment for me to focus on cleansing my body and my mind.  So that I may radiate the natural glow of inner health, vibrancy, wellness and beauty.  Raw juicing is a way of life, and it is my way of honoring me.  Enjoy!~

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