Juice tip of the day, Carrots!

November 12, 2014 0 Comments


Do you need energy? Drink a glass of carrot juice to supply your body with energy and vitality while cleansing your liver simultaneously. What's so wonderful about carrots is the normalizing effect it has on the body. Dry skin, dermatitis and skin blemishes are indicators of a deficiency within the body of the rich, vital nutrients you will find in good quality carrots.  This wonderful vegetable also contains calcium, magnesium, and iron with the utmost dosage of phosphorus and sulphur.

Did you know, a high carotene intake is linked to diminishing and preventing cancer, ulcers, cardiovascular disease, and infections in the eyes, throat, tonsils, sinuses and the respiratory system. In addition, a high carotene intake reduces mucus membranes in the respiratory tract and intestines.

Dr. N.W. Walker, the pioneer of juicing, believed the amount of juice one should drink depends solely on the condition of the person and that raw carrot juice can be consumed in, “reasonable quantities...from one to six or eight pints a day”.  Drink up!


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