Energy raw juice cleanse includes 6 organic juices

Energy Juice

$ 66.00 per day

Are you a juicer? This package is for you. As a juicer we want all the nutrients nature has to offer. The juices within this package is designed to fuel, reboot and energize your body from the inside out. Juice Up today!

Family Juice package for the entire family includes 6 organic raw juices

Family Juice Package

$ 66.00 per day

SpaJuiceBar's Family Juice package is for the entire family, and it is a tasty way for kids and adults to consume their vegetables. The juices are loaded with veggies and fruits to provide the nutrients and vitamins your family will love and need.

Glow juice cleanse is 6 cold pressed juices packed with nutrients and enzymes to boost your immune system and energize your body

Glow Juice Cleanse

$ 66.00 per day

Glow is the intermediate package. If you want the Glow you must be willing to juice and experience the lifestyle. Glow today!

Athletic juice cleanse, six organic cold pressed juices, two dandelight juice, one calming juice, two beetie juice and one tasty juice

SpaJuiceBar Athletic Juice Cleanse

$ 66.00 per day

Nature's Fuel! This juice package is for the winner within, packed with fuel to energize and potassium to replenish. Liquid nutrients, vitamins and enzymes is what the body needs your pre & post working out. Energize today!

Awaken juice cleanse for beginners include 6 organic raw juices

SpaJuiceBar Awaken (Beginner) Juice Cleanse

$ 66.00 per day

Awaken is the beginner's cleanse to help ease you into juicer's lifestyle. Nutritionally packed to awaken the senses and to keep your body wanting more, each juice is created to complement the other.

Wedding Juice Cleanse 6 bottles of raw juice: Morning Boost, Tasty, Internal Cleanse juice, Dandelight juice, Beetie juice

Wedding Juice Cleanse

$ 66.00 per day

Your wedding is a special day where the focus is on you and your partner. If you want to look great, lose weight, feel energized or just want the added Glow for your wedding day, we offer cleanse packages ranging from 5 to 30 day organic juice cleanse