Awaken juice cleanse. SpaJuiceBar cold pressed juices

SpaJuiceBar Awaken (Beginner) Juice Cleanse

$ 66.00 per day

Awaken is the beginner's cleanse to help ease you into juicer's lifestyle. Nutritionally packed to awaken the senses and to keep your body wanting more, each juice is created to complement the other.

cold pressed juice SpaJuiceBar cleanse

Choose your Juice cleanse

$ 66.00 per day

Because we're juicers, we understand the lifestyle. There are certain juices you crave, they are the must-haves. With that in mind, we decided to make life easier by giving you what you want. You select the juices from our list and Spajuicebar will cold press and package them for you.

SpaJuiceBar Wedding Juice Cleanse

Wedding Juice Cleanse

$ 66.00 per day

Your wedding is a special day where the focus is on you and your partner. If you want to look great, lose weight, feel energized or just want the added Glow for your wedding day, we offer cleanse packages ranging from 5 to 30 day organic juice cleanse