Nature's Answer Oil of Oregano softgels

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Immune system support; Respiratory health; Promotes intestinal cleansing.

For immediate immune support, your body needs Oregano Oil.  The immune defense properties are liken to Tea Tree Oil, Echinacea, Grapefruit Seed extract and Goldenseal combined!  It's a powerful BOOM of immune defense!

Oregano Oil is a powerful botanical aid for the entire body – intestinal health, respiratory, digestive, ear, sinus, dental health, skincare and more.  An antifungal remedy.  You can use internal and external

Nature’s Answer takes great care to bring you the highest quality Oil of Oregano Softgels, in convenient 150 mg softgels. Nature’s Answer Oil of Oregano supports intestinal and digestive health and promotes overall good health and wellbeing.* It’s Holistically Balanced®, Vegan, Herbal and Gluten Free.  

Oregano Oil is a traveler’s best friend for promoting good health.

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