SpaJuiceBar Blu Lemonade and Immunity Boost.  Believe in all the possibilites of life's treasures.  It is this belief that propels you to where you wish to go.  Don't take for granted the gifts given to you.  Believe.

As she juiced Sonia began to witness the healing and nurturing benefits of juicing, her doctor confirmed that her tumor was shrinking. In addition, Sonia realized that her complexion and hair were also improving.  After her lumpectomy, through the encouragement of her doctor Sonia began an organic eating lifestyle. 

Juicing did not only help Sonia’s doctors to heal her body; it created a whole new way of life for her. Juicing has led to a lifestyle change that now includes daily consumption of organic juices and healthy nutrition, exercising and meditation. Sonia believes when these elements are combined, she achieves a balanced life. She practices Ashtanga and Sivananda yoga and enjoys running, meditation, dancing, and living and loving life.

Sonia created Spajuicebar to help people transform their lives the way she did with organic raw juice nutrition. “The Spajuicebar way empowers people to believe in their own nurturing and healing abilities for an enhanced lifestyle. Healing starts within, all things happen deep within ourselves before manifesting physically and mentally. I believe the nutrients existing within vegetables, fruit and herbs provides healthier alternatives to nurturing, energizing and cleansing the body,” she says.