SpaJuiceBar Beetie juice: organic beet juice, organic celery juice, organic parsley juice, organic lemon juice

Beetie Juice

$ 10.99

Ingredients: organic beets, organic celery, organic parsley and organic lemon

Energy raw juice cleanse includes 6 organic juices

Energy Juice

$ 66.00 per day

Are you a juicer? This package is for you. As a juicer we want all the nutrients nature has to offer. The juices within this package is designed to fuel, reboot and energize your body from the inside out. Juice Up today!

Family Juice package for the entire family includes 6 organic raw juices

Family Juice Package

$ 66.00 per day

SpaJuiceBar's Family Juice package is for the entire family, and it is a tasty way for kids and adults to consume their vegetables. The juices are loaded with veggies and fruits to provide the nutrients and vitamins your family will love and need.

Glow juice cleanse is 6 cold pressed juices packed with nutrients and enzymes to boost your immune system and energize your body

Glow Juice Cleanse

$ 66.00 per day

Glow is the intermediate package. If you want the Glow you must be willing to juice and experience the lifestyle. Glow today!

Lemongrass Ice Tea: lemongrass, organic agave, filtered H2O

Lemongrass Ice Tea

$ 6.00

A wonderful, relaxing experience to calm nervous disorders, the healing grass is known to heal rheumatic joints, sprains and gastric problems. The soothing taste makes you feel good all over.

Morning Boost juice: organic apple, organic basil, organic lemon

Morning Boost Juice

$ 11.00

Lemonade without the sugar!  There is much truth to the folkloric tale, "An apple a day helps keep the doctor away." We juice the entire apple for its phytonutrients and powerful antioxidants. We added lots of lemon juice for its antioxidant and infuse basil for its anti-bacterial and digestive aid properties. Forget the coffee and drink Morning Boost today!