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16oz Cold Pressed Juice

Ingredients: organic carrot, yam, bitter orange, orange, organic ginger 

What do you get when you combine organic Carrot, Yam, Bitter Orange, Orange, and Ginger? A great acronym—CYBOOG—and a bottle full of beta carotene, starch, vitamin C, and fiber. Our SpaJuiceBar CYBOOG juice is smooth and citrusy, with a hint of ginger spice.

Beta-carotene antioxidants.

Carrots are a rich source of beta carotene as well as an excellent source of antioxidant compounds that protect against cardiovascular disease and cancer. They’re juicy and naturally sweet, with a hint of earthy root flavor, like taking a bite of sunshine.

Feed your good gut bacteria.

Studies show yams help maintain stable blood sugar levels. Yams contain resistant starch, a soluble fiber that remains undigested as it passes through your stomach and intestines, helping to feed your good gut bacteria and increasing digestive enzymes. Because of its slow absorption through your digestive system, your blood sugar levels remain steady.

Vitamin C for collagen.

Bitter orange is essentially a fat-free food, making it a good option for those following a low-fat diet. Bitter orange is high in vitamin C, a precursor to collagen, making it valuable for skin health and repair, and it contains several other vitamins and minerals, like vitamin A, phosphorus, calcium, and iron. Bitter orange contains flavonoid compounds with antioxidant effects, including hesperidin (which inhibits the lifecycle of ovarian cancer cells) and limonene (which modulates genes that can contribute to liver cancer growth). Like grapefruit, bitter orange can interfere with some medications like MAOIs and benzodiazepines, and it contains a hormone called synephrine which acts as a mild stimulant—the NCAA has banned the use of bitter orange in its athletes.

Give your immune system a boost.

In addition to vitamin C, oranges have other nutrients that keep your body healthy. The fiber in oranges can keep blood sugar levels in check and reduce high cholesterol to prevent cardiovascular disease and contribute to bowel health. Oranges contain approximately 55 milligrams of calcium, or 6% of your daily requirement. Oranges boost the immune system, improve blood circulation, reduce inflammation, prevent cancer, and detoxify the body.

Ginger is great for gas and nausea.

Ginger is great for eliminating gas, intestinal spasms, and joint inflammation—it adds a spicy sting to bad germs and is great for your immune system. Ginger increases serotonin and dopamine levels, reducing inflammation that causes depression, and could also benefit anxiety and PTSD symptoms. Ginger has a long tradition in treating various types of nausea, including morning sickness.



Manufactured in a facility that processes tree nuts.