Power Cleanse Package


3 days pre-cleanse 4 meals per day + 3 days juice cleanse + 3 days post cleanse 4 meals per day

Ideal for people new to juice cleansing. Simple and effective, the delicious plant based SpaJuiceBar cuisine and juices will help you obtain your detox goals.  We will design a meal and juice plan to fit your lifestyle.

3 days pre-cleanse 4  raw plant based meals per day to prepare your body for your cleanse:

breakfast + lunch + snack + dinner 

3 days juice cleanse 

This cleanse includes 6 16oz bottle of raw juice to be consumed each day of your juice cleanse

3 days post cleanse 

breakfast + lunch + snack + dinner 

Properly transitioning out of the juice cleanse is just as important as preparing for the juice cleanse.  The intent is to not shock your body with loads of meat, sugar or processed food.  We like to take the Whole Foods approach to the post cleanse.  This approach is gentle and nutritionally satisfying.

After you purchase the Power Cleanse Package a SpaJuiceBar team member will call you to personalize the package.  This package is only deliverable to Ft. Lauderdale, FL, Pompano Beach, FL , Hollywood, FL, Miami Beach, FL, Sunrise, FL areas 


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