May 10, 2012

Have You Had Your Green Juice Today?


One of the benefits to drinking a green juice is the chlorophyll it's a great detoxer helping to rid the body of toxins naturally. The molecule of chlorophyll is similar to the molecule of the human hemoglobin system. Chlorophyll is the green pigment found in green plant cells that stimulates the hemoglobin and red blood cell production creating a healthy body. Green vegetables alkaline and keeps our body healthy by preventing the build up of destructive toxins. This is nature’s cleanser. My motto, ‘An alkaline body is a healthy body’. The green vegetables have phytochemical components that protects the body by building the immune system and preventing diseases.  When you drink a green juice you are providing your cells with oxygen to prevent bad bacteria from forming and causing infections, illness and diseases like cancer. Drinking green juice regularly is a natural healer. I am not a doctor but I am a person who cares about her body and green juices have become apart of my life since my battle with cancer. Here’s a green juice recipe you may enjoy, the fruit and vegetables I use are all organic. Enjoy!~

Green Juice Recipe (Yields approximately 1 quart)

1 bunch of kale

1 large cucumber 1lb of grapes (approximately)

2 packets of lemon grass( found in the natural food store)

Alternate the vegetables when inserting into the juicer and enjoy!