Raw Juice: A Way of Life. Honor Thy Body, Honor Thyself
June 13, 2023

Raw Juice: A Way of Life. Honor Thy Body, Honor Thyself


A Twitter follower and I were having a brief exchange about honor in which we agreed: “Honor is all we have.” As I ponder to myself the nuance of our discussion, my questions emerge. “Do we truly subscribe to this belief of self-reflection? How often do we really honor ourselves by respecting our inner light, our inner voice?”

We can define honor as high respect and esteem; honesty, fairness, or integrity in one’s actions and beliefs; of superior standing; a showing of respect and distinction. How can we apply this notion of honor to our own bodies, minds, and spirits?

Let’s reflect and talk about the juice fast, or the juice cleanse as we call it at SpaJuiceBar. I don’t believe a juice cleanse is meant to be an intense, all-or-nothing evolutionary moment (though I won’t say it can’t happen that way!). Sometimes we talk about the juice fast as a detoxifying event, though it’s not quite that cut and dry. Your body already has the capacity to detoxify itself—a juice fast is a way to increase and facilitate its efficiency. A juice cleanse isn’t a detox meant to be executed perfectly. Detoxifying isn’t about intensity—it’s about relaxing and honoring yourself by honoring your body and its needs.

When you make the choice for yourself to undergo a raw juice cleanse, you’re saying, “This is about my body, and how I will pay homage and respect to this temple in which my spirit resides.” It’s a cleansing of the temple, a new beginning. I like to say the SpaJuiceBar raw, cold press juice process is about cleansing your body so you can more fully and consciously nurture all that exists inside of it—your mind and spirit. It is in honor of self.

Our SpaJuiceBar raw cold press process ensures the nutrients available for your juice cleanse are high-quality, retaining their efficacy. Raw juice cleansing is a way to take mindful responsibility for the food we consume and how it’s used by our bodies. I purposefully consume green vegetable juice, beet juice, and other vegetable juices to oxygenate my blood, to assist cleansing and functionality of my colon, liver, and kidneys, to clarify my skin, and enhance my hair and nail health.

We live in a society that places so much emphasis on our external appearance, but what’s too often still missing from that conversation, despite eons of wisdom to inform us, is the truth about food: we radiate what we consume. If we consume a diet of unhealthy foods, processed foods, refined sugar, white bread, bleached flour, and processed meat, we will feel and reflect that food. If you make different choices, to consume wholesome foods with primary ingredients coming from vegetables, fruits, healing herbs, legumes, and the omegas, you will radiate vibrancy and energy. A healthy diet is, so far, our only proven elixir of youth.

When I am on a SpaJuiceBar juice cleanse, it becomes my moment to honor and nurture my body. It’s a pivotal moment for me to focus on cleansing my body and my mind. My goal is to inhabit my own wellbeing—it’s my time to radiate the natural glow of inner health, vibrancy, wellness, and beauty. Raw juicing is a way of life, and it’s a wonderful way to honor myself. Enjoy! ~ Sonia