July 30, 2019



SpaJuiceBar juice tip of the week dandelion

Juicing Tip of the Week. SpaJuiceBar's juice tip of the week is dandelion.  I am so thankful for the herb, dandelion, one of the most valuable plants and tonics nature has to offer our body.  Who would think this powerful herb often located on the side of the road or eradicated from our flower bed could have so many nutrients to counteract hyperacidity by boosting the alkalinity within the body.  Yes, I am talking about the weed with the yellow flowers.  The one most find to be annoying during the spring of the year because it’s the unwanted intruder within the garden.  The bitter herb dandelion is primarily used as a liver cleanser and healer it is also used for all liver diseases as well as the following: Jaundice; hepatitis; cirrhosis; gallbladder function; reduces side effects of drugs processed by the liver; a diuretic and blood purifier for kidneys; water retention; urinary tract; kidney stones; water retention; edema from high blood pressure and heart weakness; lowers cholesterol; increases good HDL cholesterol; lowers triglycerides; balances and lowers blood sugar; anemia; nervousness; laxative; stomach irritation; indigestion; heartburn; appetite stimulant; rheumatism, and joint pain...according to the book Healing Herbs A to Z by Diane Stein.

When faced with a stressful lifestyle, we must be mindful of the foods we consume. What we put in our body can deplete or preserve/restore the body. The latter is the best option for a healthier lifestyle.

So, Juice up! The SpaJuiceBar way!!!

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