September 30, 2013


Preparing for a lifestyle change

Before starting a Juice Detox Cleanse, we encourage you to prepare, prepare, prepare with a pre-cleanse. The more time you devote to this, the better. Ideally, a week would be a great time frame, but we realize the time may not be perfect for all. If you only have a few days, that’s good enough!

Let’s start with the first preparation, acceptance and changing of your mind set. Begin by thinking about the juice cleanse, the experience of the juice cleanse before it happens.  Why are you doing it?  What do you want to achieve? Your answer to the questions sets the tone for your fast.  You want to inhale positive thoughts of cleansing and nurturing.   Important, if your mind is'nt prepared than the success of the cleanse will not be had.  Honor where you are at this stage of your life.

Secondly, the pre-cleansing involves eating mostly raw foods (salads and fruits), smoothies, fresh-pressed juices and drinking plenty of water.  We suggest you eat and drink alkaline-forming foods to include all fresh fruits, raw vegetables and cooked vegetables too.  You want to avoid heavy proteins such as red meat, processed foods, as well as coffee, alcohol and soft drinks. The quest to nurture the body through food involves enhancing your lifestyle with regenerating vegetables and fruit.  For the many coffee lovers, there are herbal tea alternatives. Green tea is an antioxidant and the herb raises the metabolism for weight loss. Lemongrass is effective in flushing toxins and waste out of the body, shedding water retention and for cleansing the liver and kidneys; Rooibos tea is a powerful antioxidant with a high mineral content and the herb is anti-aging.

As you prepare for the juice fast, the pre-cleanse will provide a smoother and easier transition. A juice fast is a special moment when all the intent focuses on nurturing. You are allowing nature’s healing energy to take control of the cleansing and regeneration of the body. While you nurture and detoxify, you’re restoring balance and strengthening the immune system. Such a focused healing process is good for the soul and will provide you with pure energy. Enjoy, It’s All About YOU!!~~