May 14, 2014

Enjoy a Spinach Juice today!


One of the most alkaline producing food has twice the amount of iron than most greens, happens to be my favorite vegetable, spinach.  I could eat and drink raw spinach, added to another veggie or fruit juice, at any time. For breakfast, lunch, snack or dinner.

Are you looking to restore your energy, increase vitality, oxygenate your blood, and improve your eyesight, skin, hair and nails? A daily consumption of the raw juice produces unbelievable results within the entire digestive tract. Spinach is one of the best raw juices for reconstructing and regenerating the intestinal area. The vegetable cleanses and heals both the small and large intestine (colon) and the lower bowel.  

Constipated?  No problem, drink spinach and carrot juice to relieve constipation.  The juice has strong alkaline effects and detoxifying properties.  According to Dr. N.W. Walker (pioneer of juicing),“Raw spinach juice properly prepared taken at the rate of about one pint daily, has often corrected the most aggravated case of constipation within a few days or week.... Bleeding gums, spinach and carrot juice have been effective at preventing pyorrhea".  Spajuicebar's Internal Cleanse ingredients are spinach, carrot and apple.  The juice is designed to cleanse the colon and regenerate the body.

Beautifying starts from the inside out.  Spinach is excellent for beautifying your hair, skin and nails.  During my battle with cancer and radiation treatment, my hairstylist would compliment me on my hair. At the time, I could not see what she was seeing, but I was happy she noticed the healthy condition of my hair.  For me, that was unbelievable! 

Another telling story, the area of my breast being treated with radiation did not blister or have any skin eruptions.  My only skin problem was the radiation caused my skin to darken and feel extremely hot.  But, I had a remedy for that, immediately following my treatment, I would soothe my skin with pure essential lavender oil.  Lavender is ideal for severe skin burns.  Interestingly, my radiation therapists were always complimenting my skin; they thought the results were unusual.  I contributed their reaction to my skin with having the raw juice diet and administering lavender to the treated area. 

Raw juice along with a healthy diet of plant based foods is a quick method to detox and eliminate the toxins through your bowels.  Add a colonic session and the results are wonderful.  Introduce organic spinach juice to your diet and drink up to a healthier you!!  Enjoy~