June 13, 2014

Raw Juice & Food Pairing Experience!


Mess O Greens

Starting next Thursday, we will talk about the greatness and yummy foods to pair with your favorite juices.  Some of the foods you may find at one of your favorite restaurants and others will be experienced through great food blogs.  I am a foodie and a lover of integrating tastefully delicious pleasure with liquid sensations.  Food is orgasmic, well it should be orgasmic when prepared and paired properly. Expect a new sensation every Thursday.

Today’s sensation has become one of my favorite yummy salads to pair with our juice Cool Fresh. The Daily Raw Cafe created this salad Mess O’ Greens, a collard green salad with sundried tomato. The ingredients infuse a tantalizing vinaigrette bursting with flavor throughout the collards.  I’ve paired this salad with our juice Cool Fresh (cucumber, collard and pear) because an added boost of collard can do a body good.  Really, the truth is the juices compliment the salad beautifully.  The cucumbers in Cool Fresh offer a refreshing balance to the tangy vinaigrette. The balance is cooling, refreshing with just the right amount of pear and collard to enhance the experience.

My only suggestion with this salad is to reduce the amount of salt.  I've used half the required amount and was happy with the flavor. The ingredients suggest two teaspoons of sea salt, I found that to be too much.  This is a pairing to Enjoy! 

Recipe To Try: Mess O’Greens