October 02, 2014

Why Raw Juice?

Why Raw Juice?  Simply stated, for the many nutrients trapped in the fiber of vegetables, fruit and herbs.  Fiber has its purpose in cleansing the colon by acting as a sweeper, sweeping the intestinal area. When you eat whole foods, the nutrients absorb into the body and the indigestible fiber acts as a cleanser by helping to move waste through the colon. We digest nutrients from our food; however, some of the nutrients is still trapped in the fibrous walls and is released through the bowels.

Whereas the process of juicing is to extract all the liquid nutrients from the whole food. That means we are extracting the vitamins, trace minerals, enzymes and nutrients from the microscopic cells of the fibrous food.  What's left is dry fiber, because all of the nutrients are in the juice.  Look at it this way, juicing is a quick method to delivering the vital nutrients directly to your body's cells and organs.  The organic liquid whole food, raw juice, will restore, replenish, nurture and hydrate your body.  It's amazing how quickly your body will respond with more energy, excess weight loss, great skin and hair texture, and most importantly, a real sense of renewal.

That is the reason for why we juice. So, enjoy a raw juice with your meal for an added boost of nutrients along with the fiber.  You should see and feel a difference within your body when you adopt the lifestyle of a juicer.  SpaJuiceBar's juice tip of the day!