October 07, 2014

The Power of Affirmation, Morning Boost

The power of affirmations can transform your life.  Words can increase a negative and positive reaction from within.  When you repetitively affirm a thought, you believe the thought, you feel the thought and then you become what you re-affirm.  Knowing your power to nurture and heal your body when fighting cancer is a positive step towards healing.  Positive affirmation is one of the tools I used when fighting my breast cancer.  "My light radiates," is an affirmation I used to remind myself of the power that exist within me.  Each day, I would direct the energy of light directly at my cancer cells and with positive energy I focused my intentional light at zapping the cancer.  Loving, positive affirmations will help to strengthen the body, causing you to feel more powerful.  ~~Sonia