July 12, 2013

The Eyes Of Sonia Searching Within

The Eyes of Sonia Searching Within

The eyes of a child is what I am seeking. Yesterday, I asked my soul the following questions: Soul is there anything I need to know? Is there anything you want to communicate to me?"

My soul replied, "Inhale self acceptance and exhale self judgement. You do not have to earn love. You are lovable because you exist. Others reflect the love you have for yourself. Every thought you think is creating your future. Go beyond other people's fears and limitations. It is your mind that creates your experiences. You are unlimited in your own ability to create good within your life. The universe totally supports every thought you choose to think and to believe.

Accept your uniqueness and release all fears and doubts. There is no competition, no comparison, everyone is different and it was meant to be this way. Love yourself first for you are special and wonderful. Free yourself from all destructive fears and doubts...be willing to release old negative beliefs, they are only thoughts that stand in the way. Your new thoughts are positive and fulfilling for the light of your beauty will radiate like a beacon for all to enjoy and see."