October 17, 2013

Spajuicebar Is All About You, We're Open!!!!

Spajuicebar Juices

The Holistic Experience is the art of living, this is the Spajuicebar Experience.  All things happen deep within ourselves before manifesting physically and mentally. At Spajuicebar we believe the nutrients that exist within vegetables, fruit and herbs provides healthier alternatives to nurturing and cleansing the body’s colon, cells and organs.

The juices we create represent nurturing, sustainability and cleansing. We believe our raw organic juices are liquid nutrients for the mind and body. Our juices are crafted to uplift, energize and revitalize.  If consumed properly, you should never feel hungry or sluggish. Our juices are packed with the natural vitamins and enzymes necessary to fuel and re-energize the body. When you combine handcrafted cold pressed organic juice with proper exercise, you feel light and awaken.

Our purpose is to supply you with juices to alkaline and neutralize your body for well-being. Using only organic vegetables, fruits and herbs we create palate-pleasing juices you can incorporate into your daily lifestyle. Our juices are not pasteurized, meaning they have not been heated or flash-pasteurized to destroy the vitamins and nutrients.

Drink Up and Enjoy...it's All About You!  Click to purchase at SPAJUICEBAR MARKET