May 15, 2014

Running Creates a Healthy Lifestyle


At Spajuicebar, we promote a healthy and invigorating lifestyle. With our whole-body approach to nurturing, our juices are handcrafted organic cold-press vegetables, fruits and herbs, providing the body with a large dose of enzymes, minerals and nutrients. 

We also promote the importance of maintaining a physical fitness regiment through running.The most obvious effect of running is that it burns calories and raises the metabolic rate—the rate at which the body uses energy. Running helps control weight and has positive effects on other systems of the body. Weight control plays a leading role in preventing type 2 diabetes, a disease where the sugars in food are not  properly metabolized.  People with diabetes are more likely to develop kidney disease, cardiovascular disease,  and many other illnesses.

A regular running regimen helps in reducing blood pressure, thereby helping to control hypertension (high blood pressure). Running can also raise the good cholesterol ( HDL) and lowers the bad cholesterol ( LDL), the cholesterol that builds up in the arteries. All of this helps prevent heart attacks, strokes, as well as other cardiovascular diseases.

There are all levels of runners, and you need to adapt your level of exercise according to your overall fitness and conditioning. We will have some fitness and conditioning ideas in future articles and how our cold pressed organic juices can fuel your body.