June 19, 2014

Raw Juice & Food Pairing Experience!


Beans in the Style of Little Birds pairing with Green Juice

Who says you can’t pair a green juice with your favorite bean dish?  Not I!

Beans in the style of little Birds is a Tuscan bean dish that is so yummy.  If you love garlic, sage and fresh tomatoes, you’ll love the blend with dried cannellini or Great Northern beans.  When you pair the dish with a light green juice, it’s romance. 

I love this recipe, and I've prepared it numerous times for my husband. Yum, yum sensation with much flavor and easy to prepare. I enjoy pairing the dish with one of my favorite green juice for an added nutritional experience. My preference is to find a great juice to accompany my meal for a spike of nutrition and palate pleasure. Pair this recipe with a spinach, cucumber apple juice for a clean burst of flavor. The reason I suggest spinach instead of kale is spinach tends to adopt the flavor of the other juices. You don’t need much cucumber juice for it will overwhelm the flavor of the juice. Try to find the right balance for your palate and use organic ingredients when you're juicing. Instead of my suggestion, try your own favorite green juice to pair.  Remember to consume water with your juice to flush your body. You will love this recipe!! Recipe to try: Beans in the Style of Little Birds Foggily all’Uccelletto