August 28, 2014

Green Juice Pairing with Sushi at Yakko San

I enjoy pairing my juices with food. Lately, I've not had the time to cook or prepare food. So, when I need to do takeout one of the best places is Yakko San, authentic Japanese cuisine, North Miami Beach, FL. The food is always consistently delicious and pairs well with my juices.

I love to dine in and takeout. When there is no time to cook, Yakko San is the perfect palate experience. Their crunchy spicy tuna roll and the unbelievable mixed salad is a perfect combination to pair with my favorite green juice. I tend to prefer a combination of various greens with cucumber and a touch of apple;  the combination offers a lighter palate tasting green juice to complement the sushi and salad combo. The slight saltiness from the soy sauce and salad dressing brings our the flavors within the juices for a nice balance. If you need a healthy meal when on the go try sushi and salad or go to Yakko San and pair their wonderful food with your favorite green juice. The experience is within the palate.